Gun Cleaning

The Ultimate Firearm Cleaning System

Professional Sonic Gun Cleaning - The Ultimate firearm maintenance products are available using sound waves to completely clean a firearm inside and out - within a very short time. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate handguns and long guns, the system consists of the electrically powered ultrasonic unit that cleans and lubricates the firearm.

In use, the firearm is fieldstripped and degreased, then placed in a stainless basket and lowered into the heated tank containing a cleaning solution. The machine produces (barely audible) high frequency sound waves that cause alternating high and and low pressure resulting in the creation of millions of tiny bubbles that implode on the gun, resulting in a scrubbing action that cleans down to the microscopic level.

The gun is then removed from the cleaning solution, rinsed with clean water and dried with compressed air. The gun is then placed into a separate basket and tank containing lubricant ans` set onto the ultrasonic machine where the firearm is thoroughly lubricated through active bubble action. The gun is removed from the tank and then excess oil is then wiped and blown off the gun with compressed air. The firearm is then reassembled and is ready for use or storage. The complete process, not including fieldstripping and reassembly, can be performed in a minimal timeframe.

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